Sunday, March 2, 2014


a buffalo comes to the door.
doesn't knock.
head-butts door open.
demands lunch.

when a buffalo demands
a buffalo gets lunch.

while buffalo eats
we escape out back door.
we get half mile
before buffalo catches up
with us,
says, thanks for lunch,
and keeps on going.

we return home.
clean up after buffalo.
take nap after our
strenuous event
with buffalo

tomorrow, we'll move
somewhere without 

when I saw her, I said, yum!
don't know why.
it was just there,
on edge of my tongue.

so I just spit it out, yum!
then she turned around,
giving me a rear view,
and I said, yum, yum, yum!

tried rolling back my 
but tongue no longer
where it belonged
yum, yum, tum!

and the flies came
and flies devoured
everything we love.

I know, I know!
it's those damn flies,
always searching for a meal.
and everything we loved
just happened to be next
on their list.

it was nothing personal.
it's what flies do when hungry,
they eat!

so, just getting screwed
without appearing
on you-tube!
that's all I ask!

when we get screwed,
and it doesn't workout,
should we blame vitamins?

I suggest we take out our marbles,
share with those less fortunate.
those having no marbles.
am I so far out of line here,
this should not be realized,
and verified worthy of trust?
asking too much?
taking marbles too far?

you know, i could drag this out
and then some
but i like you, so
won't do that to you. 

will work on loving you,
on the next post....

are you surprised?
well, i, for one, surely am.
don't ask me to explain.
can't do it!

and now, going up  town
gonna pull down the pants
first person i see
kiss their ass
get arrested
take a nap
in that order
wonder how much time i'll get?
and if  that person sues. 

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