Wednesday, March 12, 2014


said i liked it because i did.
should that make me
enemy number one?
enemy of state?
jurisprudence plus?
such philosophies,
bad for health?
and we're talking physical
as well as mental!

remember our lovers,
our loves.
and nothing else.
nothing else matters.
stuff that in bag
filled with philosophy
and atmospheric pressure.

here, this tear-stained page
burdens of sorrow, song
poet impatiently cries out
in vain, in vain!
cannot measure love
such a fool, then
most learn to slay
wild beast of despair!
save love, safe, safely!
sounds of joy!

consider this:
rhythm, rhyme, maturation
problem is ours
verification of
problem is simple
but not exceedingly so
but, lightning now
and rolling thunder

complicates our recovery
mathematics equations
point the way 
or is it all an illusion?
bad karma? 

clock on wall is five minutes fast.
to correct problem,
would need remove clock,
reset time,
rehang clock. 
too much work for this old fart!
what's a few minutes, anyway?
anyway, she'll fix it.
one of her duties.
that's why i married her,
to fix things. 
woman, obey your man!

okay, okay, just relax!
i'm only kidding, geez!!!

its the color, dang it!
the color!
if truth be told,
I'm telling it now,
its the color!
nothing more or less. 
color has story to tell.
song to be written. 
love to be shared. 


  1. So true, Richard... it is our lovers and our loves that matter in the end. I truly believe that. And if a clock is five minutes fast, I say let it be. One can adjust rather than going to the trouble of taking the clock off the wall which may cause a greater problem after all. And yes, color does have a story to tell. We just have to listen! Smiles.