Friday, March 28, 2014


I wasn't drunk, but
talking with a drunk,
the drunk was smart.
I mean, for a drunk,
real smart.

maybe, even, smarter than me,
but I wasn't drunk, so...
anyways, this drunk
taught me where to stand,
not to get hit
when birds poop,
and birds poop a lot.

but, as smart as this drunk was,
he, the drunk was a he,
knew nothing of women
taking a poop,
and where to stand
not to get hit
when women poop.

which answered, this old
nagging question,
why I was always covered
in women's poop.

now, I'm not saying women
shit excessively, but
when they do,
it always seems to be on me!

what you think, maybe counseling? 

everything we eat turns to shit.
and a lot of shit we don't eat.

that, i had planned for this space.....
well, some real crap.
much worse than normal;
even for me!
so, will bypass that,
that i had planned,
and just post another
one-of-a-kind photo.

she slapped me
'til my teeth fell out.
then, she kicked me
'till my nuts fell out.

then, she felt sorry for me
and put me to bed.
she's a darn good woman.
I'm lucky to have her,
or she have me,
whichever comes first.

cutting whichever way.
same difference in reverse.
back to beginning. 

sorry, was reading some Bukowski.
thoughts got away from me.
yes, my own fault. I know that!
let's not make a big issue out of it, okay?

imperfect square.
all squares are not perfect.
many flawed,
much like the one above.

only one good side, out of three.

could be considered sad, but
it's only a square.
one single imperfect square.
nothing special, except, of course,
for the square.

would it hurt us? us humans?
just to feel something,
for this one-sided square? 

well, here we go again
with the colors.
so, wondering what's up with me
and colors, aren't you?
ya, me too!
I  don't know, really!
tried counseling.
that didn't go well!
got arrested!
something about anger management problem. 
she has me on a curfew. 
seems to be working.
still doesn't explain the colors, does it?
ya, well.......stay safe.

Poetry, like the moon, does not advertise anything.

William Blissett 

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