Sunday, April 27, 2014


friends ease away, or just vanish
innocence becomes a quilt riddled road
dreams gray, impossible
yet, rains continue to fall

and flowers continue to grow
life worth living, another day
the way it should be, everyday
not just yesterday

A true poet does not bother to be poetical.
Nor does a nursery gardener scent his roses.

Jean Cocteau 

Friday, April 25, 2014


pigs in mud
oh, how pigs love mud
is a pig in mud

mud bath, anyone?

when it comes to crap,
color and texture come in first.
stink, only secondary.
not that stink
be completely ignored.
but color and texture,
that's where its at.

stink, easily faked,
but not so, color and texture;
very important
when examining crap.

crap righteousness
toward inner peace.

really thought i had something here,
but, no, crap is just empty.
can't do much with crap,
except flush it. 

I'm fighting stomach-flu
so i know something about crap!!

I've changed my name
several times,
but she keeps finding me.

no, wait a minute.....
she changed her name
several times,
but I keep finding her.

ya, that's how it goes.
at least how it went.
but this last time,
i can't find her.

so it goes, as it went.
now, falls on me
to pay the rent. 

inevitable, world will,
or will not.
plenty of time, decide
what or when.

who will, or who won't.
but, up to you, me,
rewind clock.

rewrite calendar, fit
current conditions
currently under review,

as world unravels
right on schedule.
before the eyes of those
vengeful, hateful.

we chain ourselves,
superstitions and myths,
as world surrenders
its beautiful gifts,
free for taking;

would we only give up
superstitions and myths.
grab what's truly real;
that truly needed,
sustain beautiful life.

well, spring. and with spring
comes construction. 
here, in South Dakota,
we have two seasons:
winter and construction.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I always act innocent
what? what?
I didn't do anything!
of course, I had.
plead my innocents.

but, of course
she's having none of it,
knowing me like she does.

so, i take my punishment;
sometimes with a whimper,
sometimes not.

and we move along,
'til next time
i do something innocent,
rascal, I am.

she had him for supper
she had him for breakfast
and then,
he just disappeared

we looked everywhere
and anywhere
over and under
but he's nowhere
to be found

and she ain't talking!
she's a bad girl!
fun, but bad!
she needs watching
and I'm watching
because she's fun
to watch.

yes, there is more
so very much, much more
and for even more
contact either Taurus 
or Sagittarius.

either one knows
the true score.
but be careful
Taurus can be a bore
and Sagittarius snores

Monday, April 21, 2014


a perfect marriage
different time zones
at the same time.
if not all the time.
daylight savings time.
Eastern Time, except,
who pays rent.

I post just enough
to stay in the game
without causing
undue pain
and drive you bloggers
completely insane
trying to figure out
my game.

seriousness is a crutch.
woman should come with a warning label. 

so, pee in a cup, then what?
we drink it, or what?
decisions need be made.
should we be afraid or
stick our butts up high
and our farts screaming
towards an arrogant blue sky?

farts never lie.
some never die; the good ones.
always stay true to what
farting is all about.

whip that chicken! whip it!
chickens need understand,
pecking order!
it's the rooster, the boss!
rooster rules all!
hens, get in line!
know your place!
obey thy rooster!

same for women!
need put in their place!
behind men, their leader!
the pecking orders
need be observed!

blah is the only international language worth repeating.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


you will not fill my head
with useless rhetoric.

unless you prove what you say,
I will not listen to you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I suppose, truth be told(and why not)
I'm searching for answers, 
answers to questions yet to be born.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I asked: you wanna?
she didn't.
went down the road,
looking for a wanna.
wasn't hard.
first wanna wanted.

got back home,
she wanna.
I didn't.

could be a moral here.
but, probably not.

perfection: perfect square.
all sides match perfectly.
this is a happy square.

we need take care;
all our squares are happy squares.
this is my square.
get your own damned squares!

this is not, nor will it ever be
your run-of-the-mill
share-a-square blog.
feel free to share your square.
frankly, I just don't care,
so there. 

time for thinking
time for doing
time to get up and get going
unless, like me,
you're an old fart

forget about the doing
pass on the doing
take a nap
sleep off all this thinking
and doing crap

with a little luck
we'll dream about our youth
when we could do
and we actually wanted to
well,  I wanted to
did you?
you did?
well bully for you!

of course, power of pussy
always that chance
getting sucked in
and never getting out
men should think about this
before, not after. 
don't make it a disaster
ever after

consumed with motion
swirling breezes
playful spring days

spring in its infancy
snow changing to rain
warming days

the animal in me says
go suck a plum
but plums make me run

so, should you see me run,
i probably sucked a plum
maybe even more than one
it was either suck a plum
or my thumb
knowing where my thumb had been,
would never, ever 
suck my thumb
just ain't that dumb