Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I always act innocent
what? what?
I didn't do anything!
of course, I had.
plead my innocents.

but, of course
she's having none of it,
knowing me like she does.

so, i take my punishment;
sometimes with a whimper,
sometimes not.

and we move along,
'til next time
i do something innocent,
rascal, I am.

she had him for supper
she had him for breakfast
and then,
he just disappeared

we looked everywhere
and anywhere
over and under
but he's nowhere
to be found

and she ain't talking!
she's a bad girl!
fun, but bad!
she needs watching
and I'm watching
because she's fun
to watch.

yes, there is more
so very much, much more
and for even more
contact either Taurus 
or Sagittarius.

either one knows
the true score.
but be careful
Taurus can be a bore
and Sagittarius snores