Monday, April 21, 2014


a perfect marriage
different time zones
at the same time.
if not all the time.
daylight savings time.
Eastern Time, except,
who pays rent.

I post just enough
to stay in the game
without causing
undue pain
and drive you bloggers
completely insane
trying to figure out
my game.

seriousness is a crutch.
woman should come with a warning label. 

so, pee in a cup, then what?
we drink it, or what?
decisions need be made.
should we be afraid or
stick our butts up high
and our farts screaming
towards an arrogant blue sky?

farts never lie.
some never die; the good ones.
always stay true to what
farting is all about.

whip that chicken! whip it!
chickens need understand,
pecking order!
it's the rooster, the boss!
rooster rules all!
hens, get in line!
know your place!
obey thy rooster!

same for women!
need put in their place!
behind men, their leader!
the pecking orders
need be observed!

blah is the only international language worth repeating.