Thursday, April 3, 2014


we, so much more advanced 
than a cockroach
yet, that cockroach 
knows so much more
than we ever will know
and cockroach knows

here she comes
and she has her whip
and it's gonna hurt
but kinda hurt good.

well, she shines my shoes
and does a great nut rub,
so who am I to complain?

I can't help it.
I'm sorry,
I just can't help it!

try to forgive me, okay?

they whom say it best
they never say it.
and always deny
they ever thought about
ever saying it.

not like she that says it
constantly, all the time,
a thousand times
every time. 

sure, now the shes are mad at me!
not like that's never happened before!
and most likely will happen some more!

women should come with a warning!
could be hazardous to man's health!

having a sixth sense
about seven cents
distributed over eight acres
nine times over
with a dime change
just coming of age
page after empty page
diamond of hearts
or ace of spades

if I say I'll miss you,
will you go away?

and it is poetry, isn't it,
keeping us searching the heavens,
romancing the stars?

if we could only be
spanking each other
and not stealing
each other's underwear,
we would certainly
be much better off.

and what we gonna do
with all that underwear, anyway?
except maybe
turn it into a miniseries 
becoming late-night reruns.

gosh, this is fun.
is this fun for you too?
if not, try sniffing glue.

wouldn't hurt to smile.
try it. 

random ugliness 
as compared to ugliness
with a purpose, with style.

and style
gives ugliness class.
class, very important
when dealing with ugly.

ugly, usually, very sensitive
about it's looks.
always need fresh paint
every two to six weeks.

depending on weather,
and how long latest 
paint job last.

why cannot dead just stay dead
and leave the living
to suffer on their own alone?

it seems frightfully unfair,
dead interfering with living.

living have the right
suffering their won mistakes
without dead interfering. 

I do this, not out of kindness,
but out of desperation,
keeping my mind
from drying out, completely. 


  1. Not out of kindness but out of desperation.

    I know exactly what you mean.

    1. Thank you, Friko....have a great weekend...

  2. Enjoyed this bulk-blog of poetry, Richard. The numeric verse was particularly pleasing!

  3. Ha ha! This is fun, If I say I'll miss you will you go away... :)
    You take me by surprise with every little poem! Lovely photos
    as well!

  4. Ha, Ha, This is fun! If I say I'll miss you will you go away..:) you surprise me with every little poem! Lovely photos too!