Friday, April 25, 2014


pigs in mud
oh, how pigs love mud
is a pig in mud

mud bath, anyone?

when it comes to crap,
color and texture come in first.
stink, only secondary.
not that stink
be completely ignored.
but color and texture,
that's where its at.

stink, easily faked,
but not so, color and texture;
very important
when examining crap.

crap righteousness
toward inner peace.

really thought i had something here,
but, no, crap is just empty.
can't do much with crap,
except flush it. 

I'm fighting stomach-flu
so i know something about crap!!

I've changed my name
several times,
but she keeps finding me.

no, wait a minute.....
she changed her name
several times,
but I keep finding her.

ya, that's how it goes.
at least how it went.
but this last time,
i can't find her.

so it goes, as it went.
now, falls on me
to pay the rent. 

inevitable, world will,
or will not.
plenty of time, decide
what or when.

who will, or who won't.
but, up to you, me,
rewind clock.

rewrite calendar, fit
current conditions
currently under review,

as world unravels
right on schedule.
before the eyes of those
vengeful, hateful.

we chain ourselves,
superstitions and myths,
as world surrenders
its beautiful gifts,
free for taking;

would we only give up
superstitions and myths.
grab what's truly real;
that truly needed,
sustain beautiful life.

well, spring. and with spring
comes construction. 
here, in South Dakota,
we have two seasons:
winter and construction.