Sunday, April 13, 2014


I asked: you wanna?
she didn't.
went down the road,
looking for a wanna.
wasn't hard.
first wanna wanted.

got back home,
she wanna.
I didn't.

could be a moral here.
but, probably not.

perfection: perfect square.
all sides match perfectly.
this is a happy square.

we need take care;
all our squares are happy squares.
this is my square.
get your own damned squares!

this is not, nor will it ever be
your run-of-the-mill
share-a-square blog.
feel free to share your square.
frankly, I just don't care,
so there. 

time for thinking
time for doing
time to get up and get going
unless, like me,
you're an old fart

forget about the doing
pass on the doing
take a nap
sleep off all this thinking
and doing crap

with a little luck
we'll dream about our youth
when we could do
and we actually wanted to
well,  I wanted to
did you?
you did?
well bully for you!

of course, power of pussy
always that chance
getting sucked in
and never getting out
men should think about this
before, not after. 
don't make it a disaster
ever after

consumed with motion
swirling breezes
playful spring days

spring in its infancy
snow changing to rain
warming days

the animal in me says
go suck a plum
but plums make me run

so, should you see me run,
i probably sucked a plum
maybe even more than one
it was either suck a plum
or my thumb
knowing where my thumb had been,
would never, ever 
suck my thumb
just ain't that dumb

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