Monday, May 12, 2014


gravity in gravy.
there is a point to this.
all good gravy requires
certain amounts of gravity,
insuring proper thickness.

and, of course, taste.
and, maybe, some gravel
insuring crunchiness.

all manner of things
shall then falter
under guise of those
professed false prophets

I'm on fire.
she could piss on me,
put fire out.

come on, woman!
I'm burning here!
make a decision!

If you propose the existence of something,
you must follow the scientific method in your defense
of its existence. Otherwise, I have no reason to listen to you.


one should never go against one's nature,
least one's nature turn against them,
destroying one's future and them.
from one who has been there and knows.


a skunk is a skunk
is what a skunk is.
no need tell skunk.
skunk already knows
it's a skunk.

and, should there be doubt,
skunk is more than willing
to demonstrate.

ready and willing, skunk is. 
luck favors skunk. 

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