Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Please, somebody buy me!
terrible lonely
sitting here all day
on this miserable shelf!
watching people, kids going by
nobody even gives me a  look
I'm really, really lonely!
anybody? somebody? 
please.....please, please
please buy me....

ya, some more plastic!
plastic, plastic, plastic!
guess people buy this stuff,
cause there's a lot of it!

Walmart has four (4) section
just with plastic flowers!
well, if nothing else,
it brightens up a blog,
all that color.

buy plastic flowers!
do it now!
plastic lasts forever!
so does a well designed fart,
but that's for later.


  1. I have to smile at the first shot. My Granddaughter just got a Stuffie Cat for her birthday.
    Very entertaining post! I thoroughly enjoyed your work.