Thursday, October 23, 2014


of all the ducks I've ever known
lucky, unlucky, indifferent
Daffy Duck, by far
the coolest duck to know

this decision not made haphazardly
several truck loads of ducks
were plucked before reaching Daffy

Daffy should feel especially honored
not being one of those plucked ducks

cats love ducks and geese
from a safe distance
Tiger and Jerald. they're brothers.
Blacky and Junior,
not present for this photo.

if your feeling the need to scream
please feel free to do so
try not to frighten 
the cats, ducks or geese
or me, for that matter
well, everyone else is doing it.... 

Saturday, October 18, 2014


what goes around
come back
I sleep
one eye open

extremely fast
extremely slow
either way, you, I,
all us together
in units of one,
we will all grow old
so I've been told

yes, I've work to do,
and I gotta get to it.
cannot be sitting here,
tap, tap, tapping.
got work to do,
and going to go do it.

winter is coming,
and gotta get going,
get work done
before winter gets here
and buries the work
I did not get done
because I was sitting here
tap, tap, tapping.

nothing like a good sense
of direction
followed by a good fart
and a great crap
but, most important of all:
no witnesses
cannot stress this enough:
no witnesses
zero, zip, zilch, none
less than one

I could be a nuisance
I could be for rent
or I could just
spontaneously flame out
becoming a greasy spot
some poor slop slips on
falling flat on their ass
trials and tribulations 
of a nuisance for rent 

likewise or otherwise
a word to the wise
one should be so wise
brilliance is wonderful, isn't it?
are you feeling any wiser?
nah, me neither. 
oh well, then

respect is a troublesome road
bumpy, many pitfalls 
yet, well worth the journey

woke up this morning
realized it was Saturday.
more than likely,
tomorrow will be Sunday.
and, should things go as planned,
following Sunday, Monday.
so forth and so on.

next week we'll discuss
pigs in bath tubs 
teaching pigs cleanliness 

until next week than

Thursday, October 16, 2014


shit happens
when we eat regular
and don't get constipated

knowledge is wonderful