Saturday, February 28, 2015


winter is for nappers, 
and us professional nappers
take our napping seriously.

one cannot just lie down,
take a nap and call themselves
professional nappers.

does not work that way!
no, professional napping
takes a great deal of time,
not to mention, dedication. 

especially dedication.
hours and hours of practice.
week after week,
month after month,
taking years, becoming 
exceptional good napper.

and I, one of the best.
so good, in fact, may write a book:

Richard's guide to napping. 
professional version
one plus one.

best be getting in line.
these books will go fast.
you don't want missing out!

think this a fitting photo for this post, don't you?
I do nonsense as well as anyone.
maybe better, but that's another book......


  1. Yes, it does sometimes feel like napping is a good way to get through winter. Hibernation! Instead, I will try to be outside more and enjoy all this snow.