Wednesday, July 26, 2017


if one knows something worth knowing,
one should just spit it out,
get it right out there.

then forget it and get on with living. 
one may not think so, but this is good advice. 
but best of all: this good advice is totally free. 

desperation makes people stupid
while running a fast last
in a race of contrition
requiring certain stimuli 
while reminiscing over old Heehaw shows.
and, as anyone knows, this really blows. #

do not judge; history will take care of that.
after all, that's what history does best. #

One ounce of gold can be stretched 
into a thin wire measuring 50 miles.

those that cannot should not;
but remains open for debate 
by all those that can. #

Maine produces more wild blueberries
than anywhere else in the world. 

best man I ever was, was a man I never was. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017


all we need is someone to blame.
with someone to blame,
we might, then, survive ourselves. 

there are no guarantees.
we need know that right up front.
save a chicken. eat a duck. quack, quack!

scandals: oh, how we love our nasty little scandals.
more scandalous the scandal, the more we love it.
but that's just our human nature, isn't it?
we cannot wait for next juicy scandal.

then our name suddenly appears
in one of those nasty, juicy scandals,
and we nearly go berserk wondering:
just how the hell did that happen?

someone said the world is promiscuous.
am not one to argue for or against this.
quite frankly, could give a flying crap
whether world is promiscuous or not.

actually sleep through most of the crap
world so graciously flings our way.
and that I cannot escape, easily wipes away.