Friday, September 8, 2017


someone gotta know something.
whether it be knowing
up from down or just something
lying dormant upon the ground.

mistakes regrets create
foolishness and serious problems.
wrath is palpable, so real.
but that's just life, is it not?

he was taller than his  height indicated.
his attitude suggested left of right,
and has enough brains for two to three.
but the third will always sue.
fancy meeting you here, of all places.

three out of three ducks prefer water
over Jell-O for bathing, as do most humans.

"Intelligence is a pseudoscience."
read this somewhere, like it,
so wrote it down here. 
don't ask why. there are no whys. 

there just is, the here and now, that's all.
anymore would confuse issues.
who needs that?

she tells me what to do.
I huff and I puff, then I do it;
like the well trained husband I be.

its all about peace and harmony; 
that, and am a bit of a coward,
 and she knows it.

style? what is style?
style is what each individual
decides what style should be.
style can, and often does,
change with each personas.

I have no style, and that,
friends, neighbors and
poetry executioners,
is precisely my personal style
as long as flowers bloom
and sunshine's golden rays radiate.

sometimes, just sometimes,
things are what they seem.
but not to worry over
all those times things
are definitely not seemly,
so it would seem while
thinking up dreamy thoughts
in reoccurring dreams.

self-consciousness is an anchor.
with all the problems
one encounters in life,
one does not need needless
weight dragging them down.

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